Solid Foundations Build Strong Results
Financial Model Review

Engaging an independent party to review your modeling processes is not anyone's idea of a good time. Still, OCC Bulletin 2011-12 and FRB Letter 11-17 outline expectations for doing so annually.

Our team has run interest risk, funds transfer pricing, and liquidity models in institutions ranging from $300 million to $45 billion in assets. Our experience is that there is significant value in finding that partner who has actually run the process, discussed results in the board room, and made real-life decisions based on the model - someone who has managed the "gotchas" that only comes via experience, and can balance the practical and the theoretical. Using accounting firms that lack real world experience or bond dealers that have a sales agenda may not provide useful strategic insights or Board-level risk discussions.

We are well-positioned to assist you in the model review process, giving you more comfort in the current process or highlighting important risks you've missed. Contact us to discuss how we can help you.